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The Mind is Flat - Nick Chater (9295872186)

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Nick Chater
Liczba stron
Penguin Books
The Mind is Flat
Rok wydania

oferta nr 9295872186


The Mind is Flat

  • Autor: Nick Chater
  • Wydawnictwo: Penguin Books
  • Rok wydania: 2019
  • Język: angielski
  • Oprawa: miękka
  • Liczba stron: 252
  • Format: 13.0 x 19.0 cm
  • Numer ISBN: 9780241208779
  • Kod paskowy (EAN): 9780241208779

We all like to think we have a hidden inner life. Most of us assume that our beliefs and desires arise from the murky depths of our minds, and, if only we could work out how to access this mysterious world, we could truly understand ourselves. For more than a century, psychologists and psychiatrists have struggled to discover what lies below our mental surface.

In The Mind Is Flat, pre-eminent behavioural scientist Nick Chater reveals that this entire enterprise is utterly misguided. Drawing on startling new research in neuroscience, behavioural psychology and perception, he shows that we have no hidden depths to plumb, and unconscious thought is a myth. Instead, we generate our ideas, motives and thoughts in the moment. This revelation explains many of the quirks of human behaviour - for example why our supposedly firm political beliefs, personal preferences and even our romantic attractions are routinely proven to be inconsistent and changeable.

As the reader discovers, through mind-bending visual examples and counterintuitive experiments, we are all characters of our own creation, constantly improvising our behaviour based on our past experiences. And, as Chater shows us, recognising this can be liberating.

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