Shimano SH-CW41 green damskie buty MTB 37 (7839506898)

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oferta nr 7839506898


Shimano SH-CW41 green damskie buty MTB 37

artykuł nr: 54316


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The SH-CW41 has a casual sport shoe design for weekend tours. Optimized for Shimano CLICK'R integrated pedal system.

Features - SH-CW41G

  • Shock absorbing EVA mid sole matched with flexible ladder shape shank plate
  • Comfortable shock absorbing EVA cushion insole
  • Mesh upper for comfortable feeling and high breathability
  • Classic lacing closure for even tension and walking comfort


Shimano Click´R - connect to a better cycling experience

All the benefits of being clipped-in... without the downsides 

Our Click'R system is engineered to deliver all the benefits of SPD without the intimidation factor and learning curve of traditional clipless pedals. This groundbreaking new system merges the versatility of Shimano's CT Series shoes with our new Easy In + Easy Out clipless platform pedals. Together, the Click'R system delivers the efficiency and safety of clipless pedals with the comfort and versatility of athletic shoes. Shimano Click'R has solved many challenges typically associated with clipless pedals and shoes. For starters, Click'R footwear provides great off-the-bike walking comfort. Clipping in and out of Click'R pedals - even at a split-second's notice - is easier than ever.

Walk and ride comfort & performance

To achieve unprecedented comfort on and off the bike, Shimano engineered a unique new ladder-shaped “shank” plate design. This advancement encourages the perfect placement of a rider's ball of the foot, which maximizes energy down channels of stiffness that transmit power to the pedal. 

Easy in, easy out

Our newly designed clipless system utilizes a recessed cleat, which works with our new Click'R pedals to transform comfortable walking shoes into a power transfer system. Our main focus in designing the Click'R system was to ensure that your energy and efforts produce maximum results. 

With a unique walk+ride hinged outsole, Click’R shoes perform perfectly around town, on the trail or bike path, for that all-day road ride or month-long trek across a continent. On and off the bike, Click’R shoes are designed for all-day wearability with a recessed cleat pocket for skid-free walkability. EVA midsole cushioning dampens vibrations both on the bike and while walking and hiking. Stylish, ventilated uppers are designed to look like athletic performance footwear.

artykuł nr: 54316

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