Rock Shox Pike RCT 29 Deb Air Tap OneLoc Boost 140 (7732771424)

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Rock Shox
Średnica rury
Rodzaj rury
Mocowanie hamulca
Średnica osi
15 mm
Rozmiar koła (cale)

oferta nr 7732771424


Rock Shox Pike RCT 29 Debon Air Tapered OneLoc Remote Boost 140mm amortyzator

artykuł nr: 53966

Rock Shox

  • do średnicy koła: 29"/ 622mm
  • średnica osi: 15x110mm Boost
  • rura sterowa: 1.1/8" - 1.1/2"
  • offset: 51 mm

The RockShox Pike RCT is the special weapon for all-mountain and enduro riders! With Charger damping, tapered steerer tube, OneLoc remote control lever and 15x110mm Boost thru axle.

The benchmark for Trail and Enduro forks: Rock Shox Pike RCT 29" Solo Air Tapered Boost OneLoc Maxle Ultimate 15x110mm

Riders will benefit from Pike’s increased steering authority – thanks to BOOST™-only spacing, stiffness and lighter overall weight – the SoloAir air spring and the potential to run wider (2.8”) tires.

Features - Pike RCT 29" Solo Air Tapered Boost OneLoc

  • Two position compression adjuster (Open/Firm) with Low Speed compression adjustment in the Open position
  • External Rebound damping adjustment
  • 2.8” tire width clearance
  • OneLoc remote compatibility

Product features

  • Use: MTB, Trail, Enduro
  • Wheel Size: 29"
  • Spring: Solo Air
  • Damping: Charger 2
  • Adjustments: Extl Rebnd, low speed comp with remote lockout, 2 pos remote comp (open/firm)
  • Steerer: Tapered 1.5" to 1 1/8"
  • Steerer Length: 262mm
  • Upper Tubes: 35mm
  • Disc Brake Mount: Post Mount (PM7 - Direct Mount 180mm)
  • Maximum Rotor Size: 220mm
  • Drop Out: 15x110mm Boost Maxle Ultimate
  • Max Tire Diamter: 770mm
  • Max Tire Width: 81mm
  • Axle To Crown: 531mm (120mm), 541mm (130mm), 551mm (140mm)
  • Offset: 51mm


  • Steerer: Aluminum
  • Crown: Forged, hollow 7050 Aluminum
  • Upper Tubes: Tapered Straight Wall Aluminum
  • Lowers: Magnesium

Zakres dostawy:

  • Rock Shox Pike RCT 29" Solo Air Tapered Boost
  • Rock Shox 15x110mm Boost Maxle Ultimate
  • OneLoc lever for right incl. wire and cable
  • Starnut
  • 2 Tokens



The new OneLoc remote provides total control over your suspension at your fingertips.The increased leverage at the bar, translate in a smoother and easier actuation.

Charger 2 DamperThe evolution of the acclaimed Charger, RockShox’s most advanced damper, brings a whole new level of performance and refinement for each intended use. The new damper designs provides a wider range of low speed compression adjustment in the Open mode, with a more usable Pedal setting that excels on rolling trails. The Firm setting on Pike and Lyrik has be re-tuned, and remote options with OneLoc provide on-the-fly access to the Firm mode and are an excellent match with RockShox Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Super Deluxe Coil remote rear shocks.

BOOST™With revolutionary advancements in bicycle componentry, like SRAM’s XX1, X01 and X1 drivetrains, mountain bike designers have been given almost limitless freedom to focus solely on the performance of the bike. Each advancement demands that the entire package works flawlessly. Aggressive trail and enduro riders have been increasingly enjoying the benefits of larger wheels, but many still view 27.5" and 29" wheels as a possible weak link. Which is why SRAM has developed an open standard with Boost™ compatible components for SRAM drivetrain, hubs and RockShox forks.

Bottomless Tokens

Bottomless Tokens allow riders to easily custom tune their RockShox fork’s air-spring performance to best match their own riding style and suspension preference. Adding the easy-to-install Bottomless Tokens changes the air-spring curve to resist bottom-out after a big hit, giving aggressive riders the power to attack the trail harder. Removing Bottomless Tokens makes the air-spring curve more linear, enhancing suspension feel for certain types of terrain or trail condition and ensuring riders who are less front-end aggressive benefit from 100 percent of their fork’s travel.

Maxle Ultimate

Basic things like axles are often the easiest to overlook. Put one hand on the Maxle Ultimate, though, and you’ll be glad we paid serious attention to the finer details. Because one hand is all it takes to remove or install the Maxle Ultimate. And lever-placement personalization is accomplished completely without the use of tools. Available for both front and rear, Maxle Ultimate is the easiest-to-operate axle system in the world. No tools, no worries, so you can concentrate on the trail ahead.

Rapid Recovery™

Who doesn't want more available wheel travel for successive hits? The Rapid Recovery System allows the shock to recovery faster between consecutive bumps, letting the wheel track the ground with greater precision. This more active suspension system, doesn’t pack up and enables the bike to ride in a higher and softer part of the spring rate. Rapid Recovery gives the rider access to more available wheel travel, bump after bump, to achieve a smoother and more controlled ride.

Sag Gradients™

Don’t set your sag correctly, and you might as well be hopping onto someone else’s bike. But why bust out plastic clips or rulers to keep your suspension fine-tuned? Our sag gradients are printed right on our fork’s upper tubes and shock damper bodies making perfect suspension setup easy and accurate. So give mom back her plastic clip and ruler.

Torque Caps

Torque Caps make the bond between hub and fork dropout stronger, with an increased surface area connecting the two. This creates a stronger, stiffer interface, giving you a more responsive front wheel and more control. So you concentrate on the most important connection, the one between your bike and the trail. While Torque Caps provide performance benefits through additional stiffness in the fork-hub interface, there is not a technical disadvantage for running standard-sized end caps in Torque Cap-compatible RockShox forks.

artykuł nr: 53966

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