Prostitute [DVD] (1980) (7561069961)

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A film by Tony Garnett

One of British television's most critically acclaimed figures, Tony Garnett has been responsible for producing some of the most radical and controversial UK drama, and is associated with groundbreaking directors such as Ken Loach.

His directorial debut, Prostitute is the tale of two women: Sandra (Eleanor Forsythe), an ambitious but naïve Birmingham working girl who moves to London with the hope of securing wealthier patrons, and Louise (Kate Crutchley), her social worker friend, who is fighting to change the antiquated and hypocritical prostitution laws. As both strive to achieve their goals, a cold dose of reality dashes their hopes, and the built-in biases against women in society are unmasked.

This frank and controversial exposé is finally presented here fully uncut and uncensored

Special Features

  • Digitally remastered in High Definition
  • Taking a Part (1979, 45 mins): a documentary by Jan Worth about the experiences of two young women involved in prostitution
  • Fully illustrated booklet featuring essays by Tony Garnett, Russell Campbell and Jan Worth

UK | 1980 | colour | English language, with optional hard-of-hearing subtitles | 98 minutes | DVD9 | Original aspect ratio 1.78:1 | Region 2 DVD

  • Ilość płyt: 1
  • Data premiery: 2011-04-25
  • Aktorzy: Eleanor Forsythe,Kate Crutchley
  • Reżyser: Tony Garnett
  • Format Filmu: Dolby,PAL
  • Napisy dla niesłyszących: Brak Polskiego,
  • Napisy: Brak Polskiego,Angielski
  • Audio: Brak Polskiego,Angielski
  • Obraz: 16:9 - 1.78:1
  • Dubing: Brak Polskiego,
  • Studio: Bfi
  • Czas: 98 minut
  • Region: 2

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