Northwave Extreme Wide white szosa buty 44 (7546429552)

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Rozmiar EU

oferta nr 7546429552


Northwave Extreme Wide white szosa buty 44

artykuł nr: 50331


  • rozmiar: 44
  • kolor dominujący: biały

With its ultra lightweight full carbon sole, the Northwave Extreme offers a high stiffness and comes at a weight of only 235g per shoe (approx.).Features

  • Ultralight Carbon sole made of 100% unidirectional carbon with a stiffness index of 14.0 for top power transfer
  • NW Speedplay adapter compatible for the lowest stack height between foot and pedal
  • Micro-perforated BioMap unibody upper made of ultralight microfibre that morphs to the shape of the foot
  • Double SLW2 dial, the only one with step-by-step and full release in a single button plus an extra strap for exceptional pressure distribution
  • Integrated heel system containing directional fibre prevents any slipping
  • Pro Regular Fit footbed with a stiffened dual density design increases the power transfer
  • dokładna waga: 254g (42)
  • komaptybilne z pedałami:  Shimanio, Look, TIME, Ritchey,Speedplay
  • długość wkładki 286mm wersja WIDE, co oznacza but bardziej obszerny
  • zapewniamy możliwość zwrotu lub wymiany


BioMap – NW Biomechanical Mapping

Your energy is precious, never waste it. That’s why our shoes are designed with BioMap technology. Northwave soles, uppers and all their components are anatomically compatible with every cyclist’s feet and are designed to keep the foot in the right position while pedaling, transmitting power directly to the pedals without wasting any energy.

Ultralight Carbon Sole

Unidirectional carbon sole thats great for maximum power transmission, minimum thickness and unmatched lightness (just 60 gr of performance). Thanks to the specific adaptor, it is compatible with Speedplay pedals. The AirFlow system favors a greater circulation of air in and out. Ultralight Carbon is the choice of our top athletes.

Speedplay Adaptor

The shortest distance between foot and pedal on the market. Northwave developed and patented, in collaboration with Speedplay, an exclusive adaptor that provides maximum power transmission on pedals, thanks to the reduced thickness of just 0,5mm rather the 3mm of the traditional Speedplay adaptors. Made of nylon with a thin aluminum plate (it saves 8,5gr) it allows to respect the natural anatomy of the sole keeping minimized the distance between the foot and the pedal in any position. Without adding bulk and weight as it occurs in systems without the adaptor.

AirFlow System

It’s the Northwave ventilation system with large vents that lets your feet breathe: the lower vent channels air inside the sole, while the side vents guarantee a supply of fresh air.

S.L.W. 2

Maximum precision and usability. The side button offers dual functionality: press the button for micrometric release, or lift the button to instantly undo the shoe completely. The ergonomic shape of the ratchet base matches the shape of the foot for added comfort, while the size and minimized weight plus the outer soft-touch covering make it easier and better to grip. It features wires that harness the best technologies used in sailing, and can be easily replaced using the spare parts kit.

Integrated Heel System

The new unibody construction of the uppers allowed to integrate an efficient heel retention system inside the structure, without the need of external elements. Same efficiency, reduced weight.

No-Slip Heel

The interior of the upper in the heel area has been lined with a specific gripping material whose fibers oriented in a single way facilitate the entrance but at the same time prevent the heel from slipping, providing a perfect foot hold.

artykuł nr: 50331

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