Melody Carlson - Crystal Lies (Carlson, Melody) (7667372909)

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Melody Carlson - Crystal Lies (Carlson, Melody)

How far should a mother go to save her child? As the wife of a prominent city attorney and the mother of two teenage children on the brink of adulthood, Glennis Harmon lives the kind of successful, high-profile life that many people envy. But when nineteen-year-old Jacob is drawn into substance abuse, Glennis' "perfect" world shatters like a crystal vase rocked from its once-steady shelf. Glennis struggles to understand the response of her family as they seek to support Jacob's recovery. Her husband appears more concerned with protecting his image than with finding help for their troubled son, but Glennis becomes determined to save Jacob no matter what the cost. Stepping into a rescuer role, she unintentionally puts her relationship with her older daughter, Sarah, and her already strained marriage on the line - and a revelation about her husband will push her to the brink of what she can bear. A compelling, compassionate, and ultimately hopeful novel about the impact of substance abuse and addiction, CRYSTAL LIES is an intimate portrayal of one mother's attempt to simultaneously love, trust, and let go.


  • Author: Melody Carlson
  • Binding: Paperback
  • IsAdultProduct:
  • NumberOfPages: 338
  • ReleaseDate: 2004-10-19
  • Studio: WaterBrook

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