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Lampa Led uv bardzo mocna oryginał ORLY (8197249581)

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Kategoria: Lampy UV i LED
Lokalizacja: kuj-pom

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sensor ruchu,timer,zdejmowane dno

oferta nr 8197249581


Lampa Led używana, stan bardzo dobry, mocna. Mała, zgrabna.

Tylko led, nie ma żarówki spiralnej.

Piękna, oryginalna lampa Led UV do manicure hybrydowego, ale również do żelu.

Nowa kosztuje 1500 zł, ta jest używana w stanie idealnym, prezentuje się wspaniale i robi wrażenie.

Lamp for Use with Orly Gel FX Gel Manicure System Instructions:

20, 30 second timer

Energy efficient, high quality LED cures in second

Safe and easy to use

Raised panel makes it easy to cure thumb nails

Remove panel to cure nails

Power : AC 110V~240V, 50/60Hz, DC 12v/15A

Nanometers: 405

Wattage: Enery Efficient 13W

Size: 70mm W x 82mm D x 104.3mm H

Weight: 0.66 Kg (included adapter)

Gel FX application

Synergy is key. Always use the complete Gel FX manicure system to ensure proper application and removal. Substituting may diminish the performance of the product.

Sanitize, push back cuticles, and remove excess oil with Gel FX 3-in-1 Cleanser (OR33001).

Lightly prime the nail tips with vitamin infused Gel FX Primer (OR34100). Avoid the surrounding skin and let air dry for 30 seconds. It will appear shiny. Application Tip: Less is more. Apply sparingly only to nail tips.

Apply a thin layer of vitamin infused Gel FX Basecoat (OR34110) to fingers and cure.* Apply to thumbs and cure separately. Application Tip: Think thin. Be light handed when applying basecoat.

After curing, use ORLY Dry Brush (OR33515) to brush down the tacky layer, ensuring proper curing and preventing any crawling or wrinkling.

Apply a thin coat of your choice of Gel FX Nail Lacquer (OR30001) and cure.* Apply second coat and cure. Application Tip: Seal it. Seal the nail’s edge first to prevent thick tips and chipping. Keep in mind that darker colors may need an extra coat.

Apply a thin, even coat of Gel FX Topcoat (OR34210) and cure.* Application Tip: Seal it. Seal the nail’s edge first to prevent thick tips and chipping. Keep in mind that darker colors may need an extra coat.

Remove tacky layer with Gel FX 3-in-1 Cleanser (OR33001) and Gel FX Lint-Free Wipe (OR33520). Application Tip: For a high gloss shine, use a new wipe every two to three nails.

Finish by applying one to two drops of Gel FX vitamin infused Cuticle Oil (OR34555) to each nail.

* Cure with LED (OR33500) (30-60 seconds) or UV (1-2 minutes) lamp between each step. Cure time varies by shade. Place nails flat in the lamp. Cure fingers first, then thumbs separately.

Gel FX removal

This won’t hurt a bit. Take your gel nail lacquer off in four simple steps and you’re ready to fall in love with another color.

Break the seal of the gel with ORLY’s 180 grit file (OR43574). The top layer must be completely removed. Removal Tip: Prep. Push cuticles back before filing the top layer to remove with ease.

Fully saturate the sponge of the Gel FX Foil Remover Wrap (OR33100) with Gel FX Remover (OR33004). Immediately wrap the foil around fingers to ensure the product does not evaporate and the heat is insulated in the wrap. Removal Tip: Wrap it. Fingertips should be fully covered in the wrap.

Soak the nail for 10 minutes then check the status. Removal Tip: Check in! Certain colors may need additional removal time. If needed, soak for additional 5 minutes.

Remove the wrap from the fingers and gently push the product off of nails with ORLY Pusher & Remover (OR33505). Removal Tip: Be light handed. No need to force off the product. The remainder can be easily buffed off.

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