KORG Piano module P3 (8440092446)

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oferta nr 8440092446


Korg P3 Piano Sound Module

The beautiful, natural sounds of the acoustic piano have been accurately sampled Korg P3.

This Korg P-3 Piano Module is a pro unit and has the input slot for the DDC-C06 ROM Expansion Card

  • Sturdy Metal Case
  • use it live or in your Home Studio
  • Comes with AC?DC power supply
  • Glorious, acoustic piano samples. Originally retailed for $595 US. This piano sound module has always been one of my favorites.
  • The P-3 is perfect as a secondary sound source layered with a synthesizer or as an independent, MIDI-triggered piano source.
  • The rich P3 samples invoke the finest acoustic piano sounds with good detail.

    Piano 1 has a clear and bright sound.

    Piano 2 has a warm, rounded sound.

  • other sound cards were available for the Korg P3 sound module...such as the DDC-C06 ROM card which supplied drum kit sounds.

Piano notes continue to decay naturally even with the use of a sustain pedal or during glissando performance. Listen closely and you can even hear the hammer "knock" like on a big grand. Up to 16 voices can sound simultaneously.

Playing in combinations such as Double, Split and Layer enables ensemble effects. The Multi-Mode allows you to sequencer-control up to 8 different programs, both of the piano sounds and from ROM card sounds (when inserted in the additional sounds slot).

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