KORG Orchestra module Symphony O3 (8440105970)

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Korg O3 Smphony Orchestra Module

Korg O3 Symphony Orchestra Module from 1988. VERY hard to find. Loved by vintage synth fans for its Chorus/Choir used by Vangelis (including in "Chariots of Fire") and its more recent use by vintage sound fans such as Moby. Organ 1 and 2, Strings 1 and 2, Chorus, Brass, and Bass/Guitar/Drums

This module is made of metal!

The KORG 03 SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA MIDI SOUND MODULE is built for on-the-road, or in the studio for added voice tones, sequence arrangements and drum loop recordings, or optional sound doubling. It offers a variety of options, fantastic voices tones, and drum tones to play!! The 03 SYMPHONY is part of Korg's Popular Studio-Series of *** AWESOME *** MIDI Studio Synths, Keyboards, Arrangers, Modules, Workstations and Drum Machines!!!

From Synth and Midi Museum:

O3 - Symphony module. Polyphonic capability of up to 16 notes allows you to make the most of the rich, natural sampled sounds. It is ideal as a secondary sound source layered with a synthesizer or digital piano as well as an main instrument sound source in a MIDI system. Seven internal preset sound programs, specifically provided for recreation of various ensemble or group instrumentation, include strings, brass, guitar and drums, and can be used with the sophisticated Multi Mode function. In addition, further sound variation can be achieved with the use of optional ROM cards. Symphony also makes it possible to use different types of instrumental combinations: The Layer function lets you play more than two programs simultaneously. The Split function divides the sounds and assigns them to specified key ranges, while the Double function permits simultaneous play of two programs or more only in specified sections. It is possible, for example, to play a bass sound with the left hand, and a piano with the right. The whole fabulous world of real sound orchestration awaits you, as the 8 programs available on Symphony can be used to full advantage with MIDI sequencers.

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