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Klatka na penisa - Lock a Willy (9202437520)

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Kategoria: Klatki erekcyjne
Lokalizacja: Cała Polska

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oferta nr 9202437520


Klatka na penisa - Lock a Willy

Producent: lock-a-willy

Abstinence leads to higher and more intense levels of excitement. If you are really hungry, getting it will taste like never before! Lock-a-Willy locks up a mans willy with a soft and safe contraption and a number lock! While being locked up, intercourse and masturbation is no longer possible. You can add an extra dimension by giving away the key to your partner! Abstinence of sexual activity, in combination with handing over the control over your love life to your partner, intensifies the feeling of devotion to one another. Enjoy how you will both get more and more excited as the days roll by and nothing happens.. until he is being set free! An adaption kit is included to get a perfect and comfortable fit. The Lock-a-Willy design still allows for taking showers, going to the toilet and maintaining a standard hygiene. Content of box: - Lock-a-Willy set - Three-size adaption kit (to fit all sizes) - Connector strings - Number lock - 6x plastic lock

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