Kathleen R. Gibson Tools, Language and Cognition (7647050467)

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"...its subject matter is compelling, its presentation cogent, and its message important. For anyone with even a passing interest in the topic, the reward is worth the effort." Roger Lewin, New Scientist

"...a handsome, mind-stretching volume that expands human understanding among practitioners, and may serve as a useful supplementary text in college and universities." Philip R. Harris, Behavioral Science

"All 21 chapters in this book are well written and contain much interesting and at times challenging material." Charles Crawford, Contemporary Psychology

"While most chapters are written on a level appropriate for people from other fields, the breadth of coverage insures that experts in all relevant fields will find plenty of new food for thought. Consequently, this is a rather rare book in that it can be highly recommended for readers ranging from students to experts. All that is required is an interest in tools, language and human cognition, and this will surely be provoked by the book if not already present." Thomas R. Alley, Human Ethology Bulletin

Book Description

Human beings have evolved as beings capable of more complex behaviours than any other animal species. In this volume, researchers from many different disciplines present a unique study of how this might have evolved. It will be essential reading for all those interested in human evolution, whether philosopher, humanist or scientist.

Kathleen R. Gibson Tools, Language and Cognition

  • Typ Okładki: Książka w miękkiej oprawie
  • Wydawnictwo: Cambridge University Press
  • Autor: Kathleen R. Gibson
  • Język książki: Angielski
  • Rozmiar: 17.4 x 2.5 x 24.7 cm
  • Ilość stron: 496
  • Data premiery: 2008-08-21


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