Fu Zhen Song's Dragon Bagua Zhang Lin Chao Zhen (6860483642)

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The Dragon Bagua Zhang system of third-generation master Fu Zhen Song was one of the most powerful martial arts styles to emerge from 1920s China. Fu Zhen Song had a reputation as a skilled fighter and uncompromising teacher, and his Dragon Bagua style was renowned for its extensive catalog of whirling body movements and fighting techniques. In 1991 Lin Chao Zhen, Fu's formal disciple, brought this mysterious martial art to the United States, where he practiced and taught until his death in 1997. 
Fu Zhen Song's Dragon Bagua Zhang presents this challenging system in a step-by-step format, including palm forms, stepping patterns, and training methods. Originally written in Chinese by Lin Chao Zhen and translated by his son, Wei Ran Lin, this edition also features an extensive introductory section on the development of the Dragon Bagua form and the history of its lineage. The text is accompanied by 150 photographs of the late master Lin Chao Zhen demonstrating the form, as well as an illustrated two-person practice set that teaches the system's applications for self-defense and sparring.


150 stron,
17.9 x 1.2 x 23.5 cm

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