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"Everything Is Illuminated" is the directorial debut of actor Liev Schrieber and an adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer's best-selling novel. A blend of high comedy and great tragedy, the film tells the story of a young American man, played by Elijah Wood (The Lord of The Rings trilogy), who journeys to the Ukraine to find the woman whom he believes saved his grandfather from the Nazis all those years ago.

The soundtrack features two new songs from high energy New York City based gypsy punks Gogol Bordello, including one track not on their current cd. (Note: Gogol Bordello's lead singer plays a role in "Everything Is Illuminated"). Also included are gypsy folk songs from Russia and the Ukraine by Leningrad, Arkadie Severmie, Csokolom and Tin Hat Trio. And finally, Paul Cantelon's ethnic score ties together this nicely cohesive soundtrack.

Płyta w stanie idealnym, zafoliowanym, ten komplet nie był odtwarzany !!!

  • Disc: 1
  • 1. Paul Cantelon--Odessa Medley
  • 2. Leningrad--Zvezda Rok-N-Rolla
  • 3. Csokolom--Amari Szi Amari
  • 4. Leningrad--Dikiy Muzhchina
  • 5. Paul Cantelon--Prologue/Babushka
  • 6. Paul Cantelon--Little Jonathan/The Wall
  • 7. Gogol Bordello--Bublitschki
  • 8. The Con Artists feat. Peter Miser Ya-takoy
  • 9. Leningrad--Malen'kiy Mal'chik
  • 10. Tin Hat Trio--Fear of the South
  • 11. Paul Cantelon--River Of Collections
  • 12. Paul Cantelon--Tank Graveyard/Valse de Suzana/Dee-yed
  • 13. Paul Cantelon--Sunflowers
  • 14. Paul Cantelon--War Is Love/eta-Ya
  • 15. Paul Cantelon--Trachimbrod/Ressurection/Requiem
  • 16. Paul Cantelon--Inside-Out
  • 17. Gogol Bordello Start Wearing Purple

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