Deska Kite Slingshot Refraction 139 143 2017 (7082829913)

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Deska  SLINGSHOT Refraction KITEBOARD 2017

W zestawie:
Wyprodukowana w USA deska z drewnianym rdzeniem
4 dwucalowe finy + śruby
Dostępne rozmiary 139 i 143cm

• Board of choice for globetrotting pro Sam Light 
• Upgraded .7 MM Dura-Glide Base for sliding and grinding 
• Great crossover board for cable parks 
• Don’t catch an edge: base, rails designed for obstacles 
• Durable and dynamic made in the USA wood core construction 

Refraction characteristics:
Although you might not be able to match Sam Light’s smooth, technical style, with the 2017 Refraction, at least you’ll have the same tool for success. Sam introduced the Refraction last year as his perfect solution for needing a competition-level freestyle board that he can use all over the world, in every condition he encounters (including cable parks). Due to its popularity, we have added a 139cm model to create a full lineup. The Refraction features aggressive rocker, stiff flex and a thick and super durable Dura-Glide base. You will generate great power with or without boots and the board features inverted NACA tech channels on the tip and tail which provides a flat surface for presses and slides on obstacles. 

Refraction user profile:
You’ll love the Refraction if you want an explosive freestyle board that will shred flat water, eat-up chop and withstand regular abuse from, sliders, kickers and rails and can cross over for use in cable parks. Hand build, wood core Refraction board, four .75 x 6” (1.9 x 15.2cm) wake fins and fin screws, grab handle.


NEW Carbon bedrock inserts: 
In 2017 you will notice lighter boards, a more continuous flex pattern and performance that is tuned precisely for each board’s design concept. You asked for weight reduction, better flex control and increased feel. You got it. Our engineers accomplished this by inventing new carbon-reinforced inserts, which will replace the Fastrack system on all 2017 boards. In testing, our team riders quickly noticed how solid the inserts are, hence the name Bedrock Carbon Inserts. The new inserts are a Slingshot exclusive and are designed to offer you a solid connection to a board that still needs to flex. They use the industry-standard M6 hardware and are reinforced with light-weight, high-strength carbon fiber. With this development, our engineers were able to define a new level of performance and durability in twin tip construction. The insert pull strength is increased by 30%, while the overall board weight is cut by 10%. 

Base and rails:
 Slingshot base thicknesses are as follows: Refraction- .7mm DuraGlide base; Asylum- .4mm standard base; Misfit- .2mm standard base; Karolina Pro- .2mm standard base. All Slingshot twin tips are lined with a full urethane rail, which provides dampening and protects the board form impact. For 2017, we’ve been able to achieve a broader, more vibrant range of colors for our urethane for even more visual appeal.

NACA tech  laser channels:
Precision laser-cut NACA Tech channels allow Slingshot to fine-tune each board in its lineup for specific performance characteristics. Channels improve water flow and board speed, grip and pop, edging and general performance and feel 

Slingshot wood core construction: 
Every Slingshot kiteboard is hand built in the United States, in a small factory just down the road from company headquarters in Hood River. Boards are made from vertically laminated wood cores. This process utilizes the collective strength of the wood’s end grain and creates boards with unrivaled pop, rebound and flex characteristics. Nothing beats a wood core. 




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