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Callanetics :10 Years Younger In 10 Hours (DVD) PL (9172124296)

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Kategoria: Filmy
Lokalizacja: Internet

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oferta nr 9172124296


Wydanie oryginalne, europejskie, w Regionie 2, zafoliowane.

DVD z polskim lektorem.

Tytuł Oryginalny: Callanetics [DVD] :10 Years Younger In 10 Hours 

Informacje o produkcie:

  • Obsada: Callan Pinckney
  • Reżyseria: Michael Huss
  • Format: NTSC, Kolor
  • Język: polski lektor, angielski, hiszpański, niemiecki
  • Napisy: angielskie
  • Region: Wszystkie regiony
  • Ilość płyt: 1
  • Klasyfikacja: Zwolnione
  • Studio: Callan Productions Corp.
  • Czas trwania: 60 minut

Product description:

CALLANETICS: 10 YEARS YOUNGER IN 10 HOURS! The original workout! Fully Chaptered.

Now you can actually look ten years younger in ten hours.

Callan Pinckney, author of the revolutionary best-selling exercise book Callanetics (a perennial New York Times Best-Seller), personally demonstrates her innovative deep muscle exercise technique that can literally shed years off your figure in hours without putting pressure on your back.

Unlike other exercise programs that stress hard jerking motions, Callanetics is a series of small, gentle, precise motions consistently applied that activate the body's largest, most powerful muscles to quickly tighten hips, buttocks, inner and outer thighs; flatten the tummy; lift the bust and firm underarms and tone the entire body. It will also dramatically improve your posture. You will feel the difference after one hour and most people actually see a difference after two hours.

By following the simple 60 minute Callanetics workout twice a week, the body you always dreamed about is only hours away.

  • LANGUAGE OPTIONS: English/German/Spanish/Polish (main feature only).
  • SUBTITLES for the hard of hearing: English (main feature only).
  • BONUS FEATURES: The Secrets Of Callanetics & History Of Callanetics. Main Feature: 60 minutes, Bonus features 45 minutes. Total Run Time: 105 minutes.

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