Buty szosowe NORTHWAVE Flash NRG CARBON EU44.5 (8199513751)

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Buty rowerowe szosowe NORTHWAVE Flash NRG Air CARBON black

An NRG Air composite nylon/carbon reinforced sole adds stiffness while an ultra-snug fitting upper with biomap aero overlap construction provides super comfort and aero performance.

Cena katalogowa: 630PLN

  • NRG Air Carbon reinforced sole with a stiffness index of 8.0 and 5 vents for perfect airflow
  • SPD pedal compatible (cleat plate not included)
  • Ultra-Snug fitting upper with biomap aero overlap construction and micro perforations reduces aerodynamic drag
  • SLW2 Dial - step by step and full release in a single button
  • Integrated heel system containing directional fibre prevents any slipping

NGR Air Carbon Reinforced SoleNorthwave’s NRG Air Carbon Reinforced Sole provides increased stiffness thanks to the blend of nylon reinforced with fiberglass and enriched with carbon. As with the whole road soles collection, it features the AirFlow ventilation system for fresh air circulation in hot weather. Vents favour an optimal air flow in and out.

S.L.W 2 Closure SystemMaximum precision and usability- the side button offers dual functionality: press the button for micro-metric release, or lift the button to instantly undo the shoe completely.

The ergonomic shape of the ratchet base matches the shape of the foot for added comfort, while the size and minimised weight plus the outer soft-touch covering make it easier and better to grip. It features wires that harness the best technologies used in sailing, and can be easily replaced using the spare parts kit.

BioMap- Your energy is precious, never waste itThis is why Northwave shoes are designed with BioMap technology. Northwave soles, uppers and all their components are anatomically compatible with every cyclist’s feet and are designed to keep the foot in the right position while pedalling, transmitting power directly to the pedals without wasting any energy.

Integrated Heel SystemThe new unibody construction of the uppers allows for the integration of an efficient heel retention system inside the structure,without the need of external elements. Same efficiency, reduced weight.

Rozmiar EU44.5

  • Rzeczywista długość wkładki (mm): 285

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