BLUES TRAVELER four - CD USA 1994 John Popper (466673679)

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Kategoria: Blues, Rhythm'n'Blues
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Blues  ROCK 

A&M RECORDS numer katalogowy 0265  z  1994 roku.  Made in USA.

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Windows Media Samples Real Audio Samples Song Title
Windows Media Real Audio 1. Run-Around
Windows Media Real Audio 2. Stand
Windows Media Real Audio 3. Look Around
Windows Media Real Audio 4. Fallible
Windows Media Real Audio 5. Mountains Win Again, The
Windows Media Real Audio 6. Freedom
Windows Media Real Audio 7. Crash Burn
Windows Media Real Audio 8. Price to Pay
Windows Media Real Audio 9. Hook
Windows Media Real Audio 10. Good, The Bad, And the Ugly, The
Windows Media Real Audio 11. Just Wait
Windows Media Real Audio 12. Brother John

Recorded at Bearsville Studios, Woodstock, New York.

Producers: Steve Thompson, Michael Barbiero.

Blues Traveler: John Popper (vocals, guitar, harmonica); Chan Kinchla (acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin, background vocals); Bobby Sheehan (bass, background vocals); Brendan Hill (drums, percussion).

Additional personnel: Jono Manson (vocals); Warren Haynes (guitar); Peter Malcolm Kavakavich (tambora, shruti box); Chuck Leavell, Paul Shaffer (keyboards); Bashiri Johnson (percussion).

"Run-Around" won a 1996 Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal.

Already established as a reputable act due to years of drop-dead touring, FOUR is the album that has broken Blues Traveler through to widespread
popularity, becoming their first best-seller. Singer John Popper's frenetic harp coupled with guitarist Chan Kinchla's chicken-scratch rhythm playing make for a potent one-two punch that goes far in distinguishing Blues Traveler from the hordes of similar "Grateful Dead Baby Bands" that have cropped up in recent years. And while the band still retains that musical formula, FOUR explores other levels of their organic boogie.

Scaling back the over-extended jams of their previous records, Blues Traveler has returned as a much leaner unit. Opening with the airy "Run-Around," FOUR dabbles with pretty ballads ("Look Around") as well as more upbeat and sunny fare ("Hook"). Guest Warren Haynes' guitar playing gives "The Mountain Wins Again" a heavy Allman Brothers flavor, and Paul Shaffer's funky organ fills on "Stand" tango with Popper's scat-like vocal delivery.

The road is still Blues Traveler's true calling--it is, after all, where they became the dynamic musical force they are today. But for a studio album made by an acknowledged live band, FOUR makes for one helluva rest stop.

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