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BESTOYARD Rainbow Kite with Stripe Board for Kids (9416774487)

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oferta nr 9416774487



Kite flying encourages outdoor play. Get out of the house and go to fly a kite, it will combat stress, relieve boredom, get you to exercise, breath in fresh air and have fun. In the breeze it is believed that color processing and motion stimuli are essential to both adults and especially children who have developing brains. Besides, it can bring your family together by this flying kite, and also can create strong family memories.



- Color: As the picture shown.

- Material: Polyester.

- Size: About 120 * 60cm/ 47.2 * 23.6 inch.

- Appliqued sail construction sewn from vividly colored pattern.

- Light, fexible and durable fiberglass frame and high quality ripstop polyester pannel, you’ll be able to confidently fly your new kite in a range of winds (5-16 mph).

- Swivels, Clips and Eyelets are incorruptible, could be used at the beach.

How To Use

Get to outdoor open areas, take a ribbon to try the wind and wind direction, then take the kite and jog in the opposite of the wind directly, slowly release the line and allow the kite to fly up. Observe the kinds and the tension of the wheel, if the tension is too much, then release the stripe properly, or otherwise retract the stripe. Get back the kite through slowly retracting the stripes.

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