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2pcs Plastic Long Handle Cat Litter Shovel Practic (9423512692)

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oferta nr 9423512692



This pet litter shovel is is the ideal tool to clean up your cat’s litter box. With this sift scoop in hand, you can get the job done, help keep your home more sanitary and prevent bad odors from lingering too long. It also makes cleaning up easier.


- Color: White.

- Material: PP.

- Size: 29.5x12.8x5.5cm/ 11.61x5.03x2.16 inch.

- Made of high quality material, durable and practical for long term use.

- Help to clean the litter box effectively and vigorously.

- Ideal for all litter types. Makes a nasty job less nasty.

- Comfortable to hold and easy grip and keep your hand out of the soiled litter.

- Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, easy to clean.

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