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Claire Folkard (Ed.)


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 A lavishly illustrated production that reveals the character behind the headlines, the genius behind the face, the lifestyle behind the closed doors. This is what it's really like at the centre of the cyclone that is Robbie Williams. An intimate, private tour of his extraordinary and complicated life.

From the Author
It feels really apt and appropriate that Somebody Someday was written at this stage in my life. I'm in a very different personal and professional space than I've ever been before.

There were some dramatic changes in my world earlier this year and these are reflected in the book. Somebody Someday spans a period of time when I was working through a number of issues whilst all the while I was out there as "Robbie Williams" on a massive sell-out tour. That's why this book is so important to me because in a way it's like a personal record of everything I've been through over the last few months. And for all you cynical readers yes it is 100% the real thing in fact it's about as real as it gets.

When I first met the writer Mark McCrum (soon to be rechristened "Crummy") I thought his take on the tour and me would be somewhat serious and uptight because that was how he appeared to be. They say the best writers are like chameleons and he is no exception. When we first met he was very formal and somewhat nervy but once he found his tour legs it was hangovers/morning-afters and running jokes (at his expense) all the way. We keep finding his CV cropping up in the strangest places as I think he's hoping to be a roadie some time soon.

If Crummy was a chameleon then Scarlett Page the photographer was like a ghost. She was just incredible; she never intruded on moments like photographers sometimes do. She took amazingly intimate photographs without you feeling her presence at all. Well, I only felt it in a nice way, as she's such a lovely person with a wicked way with the lens.

As you may have noticed I manage to steer clear of interviews despite the fact that I'm never out of the papers. If you want to know about "Rob" and you want the real deal and not the bullshit then Somebody Someday is as close as you can get.

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