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The Kindstuff Survey

Parents rate toys, books, videotapes, music and software for kids under six

edited by Ellen Rosen Zuckert


Stron 228, format: 16x24 cm

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What do parents and kids really think about the toys, books, videotapes, music and software on the market today?

Find out their ratings for over 1000 items in the second edition


The only "comprehensive guide" to products for children under six "based on reviews by parents from across the country."

--The Boston Parents' Paper


Take the guesswork out of shopping with:


Concise product descriptions and prices for every item featured


The KIDSTUFF "A Lists" highlighting the best toys, books, videotapes, music and software

Reviews and candid comments from those on the "front lines" - parents with young children


Information on mail-order catalogues -- where to find the best selections at the best prices





Acknowledgments • vii Introduction • ix



The KIDSTUFF "A Lists" for Toys • 2 Baby Toys • 2 Toddler Toys • 13 Preschool Toys • 35


The KIDSTUFF "A Lists" for Books • 66

First Books • 71 Toddler and Early Preschool Books • 77 Preschool Books • 91


The KIDSTUFF "A Usts" for Videotapes • 134 First Videotapes • 137 Preschool Videotapes • 146



The KIDSTUFF "A List" for Music • 165 Music • 166


The KIDSTUFF "A List" for Software • 181 Software • 182


Mail-Order Catalogues • 189 Toy Manufacturers • 200



Toy Index • 202 Book Index • 207 Videotape Index • 227



Magazines and newspapers from - Business Week to Child - have recommended THE KIDSTUFF SURVEY. American Baby praised it for uncovering "those toys, books, and videotapes that children actually enjoyed."



"A handsome, indispensable addition to the parenting bookshelf."

--The Big Apple Parents' Paper

oferta nr 2620531993 | Zgłoś naruszenie zasad